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 From Jacqueline in France: Her cat watching Mr. Morden


 Ed with fan at Tele Fantastique in Folkstone, UK Nov. 22-24th 1996.

 At Stellar Occasion 3. Walter Koenig genuflects to Ed as Robert Trebor is amused.


 Bow down!

 Ed at MarCon May 10 - 11th. 1997

 Ed with Mic

 Ed waves.

 The Shadow knows.

 Ed with Pat Talman in Lansing Michigan June 20 - 22, 1997

 Ed & Pat Tallman

 Ed & Klingon

 Ed & Centauri

Fantasticon August 1997, with Ed, Caitlin Brown, Jason carter and Bill Mumy


 Ed & Jason Carter

Not sure what Convention. But all hail JMS.

 All Hail JMS