The Ed Wasser Fan Club

While Babylon V was running,  the Fan Club was publishing an every-other-month newsletter that  was available free of charge via email.  We hope to re-establish that practice.... but for now, the publications will be decreased to a biannual event. A current one is in the making. Special thanks to SafeKids for sponsoring the newsletter.

To be automatically put on the list, send a blank email to
If you are currently subscribed and were receiving the newsletter and no longer wish to, email to ;however, The Fan Club seriously doubts that you will do this because  they are cool newsletters and his associates ....(the Shadows ??) might be displeased if you do....(:>))

If you are interested in having Ed appear at  your con, just email Byron Reese at or

If you are interested in autographed photos,  please send a $15.00 money order per photo and  a self-addressed stamped envelope to us, The Ed Wasser Fan Club at PO Box 1282 , Culver City, CA 90230.  

For those of you who would like to reminisce, Here's a list of the old Ed Wasser Fan Club newsletters:

 Volume V, Issue 1
   Volume IV, Issue 2
   Volume IV, Issue 1
   Volume III, Issue 5
   Volume III, Issue 4
   Volume III, Issue 3
   Volume III, Issue 2
   Volume III, Issue 1
   Volume II, Issue 5
   Volume II, Issue 4
   Volume II, Issue 3
   Volume II, Issue 2
   Volume II, Issue 1
   Volume I, Issue 2
 Volume I, Issue 1

Or download them all at once (106K, ASCII, Zipped)