NYPD Blue (Supporting) Dir. Adam Nimoy. With Dennis Franz.  
I Like To Watch, HBO(MOW) (Lead) Dir. Steven Goldman.  
Angels Among Us, (Pilot) CBS (Supporting) Dir. Paul Baxley.  
Babylon 5 (Recurring Guest Star) Dir. Various. With Bruce Boxleitner, Melissa Gilbert and Peter Jurasik.  
The Set Up, Showtime (MOW) Dir. Strathford Hamilton. With Billy Zane, James Coburn and Mia Sara.  
Babylon 5 (Pilot) (Supporting) Dir. Richard Compton. With Michael O'Hara, Jerry Doyle and Mira Furlan.  
Boxed In (Pilot) (Recurring) Dir. Richard Casey.  
Murder She Wrote (Supporting) Dir. Peter Salim.  
Quantum Leap (Supporting) Dir. Paul Brown.  
Life Goes On (Supporting) Dir. Michael Nankin.  
Another World (Recurring).  
Feature Film  
Royal Affair (Lead) Dir. Lilli Lommel. With Edward Albert  
Stormswept (Lead also Producer) Dir. David Marsh. With Justin Carroll, Kathleen Kinmont, Melisa Moore and Kim Kopf.  
La Trattoria (Lead) Dir. Bennett Renda  
Straight Up With a Twist (Lead) Dir. Nan Glickman  
Endless Vacation (Lead) Dir. Mathew Millin  

Theatre (Partial List)  

New York
As You Like It Lead (Orlando) Off Broadway.  
The Flip Side Lead (Adam) On-Off Broadway.  
Biloxi Blues Lead (Eugene) Broadway Hollow Theatre.  
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Lead (Brick) Rosyln Repertory.  
Fool For Love Lead (Eddie) Theatre Three.  
Much Ado About Nothing Lead (Benedick) Theatre 3  
Victim Lead (Kirk) Arena Players.

 Los Angeles
Gravity Shoes Lead (CJ) Hudson Theatre - Dir. Ron Link.  
Caught In SchwabLead (Rob) Hudson Guild Theater - Dir. Greg Miller.  
Sidewalk Talk Lead (Tony) The Hudson Theater - Dir. Ron Max.  
Murders Anonymous Lead (Dante/Leland) The Complex - Dir. Peter Conti.  
Triplets In Uniform Lead (Jena) The Skylight Theater . Dir. David Galligan. Carol Locatell, Beth Broderick, Kathy Kiney, Marion Ramsey, Nada Despotovich.