The Ed Wasser Fan Club Newsletter

Volume 3 Number 3

May/June 1997

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Not much happening on the newsletter front. Sorry this issue is a little late. We editors seem to get more and more behind as the year progresses.

Those of you who have been waiting patiently for a new web site, don't get frustrated. The new site will be worth the wait and is coming soon. It is a complete redo and will have more good stuff on it.



(Below is the part of an ongoing interview with Ed. It will be continued in every issue of the EWFCN.)


Well I have the HERETIC to look forward to. The producer and my manager haven't closed the deal yet, but I'm feeling confident it will all work out. And I have just signed with a new agency, so I am looking forward to a lot more opportunities in the work place.


There are these fallen angels who perceive earth as an easy target for hell. Humans can be bought, and as soon as they recruit enough people over to the dark side then they will be able to create a gateway for all of hell to take over the earth. And thus, we have Armageddon. The arch angel GABRIEL has fallen out of God's good graces. As punishment and an opportunity for Gabriel to redeem himself, God sentences him to earth. His task is to clean up the fallen angels and save the earth from hell!


The PSI CORPS fan club refereed me to Neil Jackson, creator/writer/producer, and I received a call asking me if I would be interested in the project. I loved it so much of course I said "yes"!


I love the message it sends out. It lets us know that we are doomed on this earth unless we practice more spirituality, more soul searching, and more GOD. In the end, whatever it is that you believe in believe in this. "Coming from a place of LOVE will always bring us peace if that's what we truly want!"


Yes, Tracy Torme (Executive producer/writer for Sliders) wrote a part for me in his new comedy called "Kung Pow". It might start shooting as early as August. I'm very excited about it; it should be a lot of fun. With a little luck the two projects won't conflict with shooting dates. I will let you know more when I know more...OK? :>)


We will be adding to this section every issue to give you more background about Ed. (Observant readers will notice that our questions jump all over the map. These are primarily for fun and to try to do what is hard to do in a newsletter, really let you get a sense of the little things that makes a person what they are.)

How many times did you have to take your drivers test?

Do I have to include New York, Florida, Ohio, MI, PA and the other 45 states or is just in LA you want to know about......just kidding! :>) Once!

How many speeding tickets have you received in the last year?


Favorite dessert.

Ice cream and Peach pie!

Multiple Choice:

When my car breaks down, I:
(a) Fix it myself
(b) Pay some overpriced mechanic to do it, because I am clueless about cars.
(c) Get my girlfriend to drive me everywhere
(d) Have it towed to Z'ha'dum


When a cop pulls me over for speeding, I:

(a) Ask him "what do you want" hoping he is not a 'Trekkie'.
(b) Beg for mercy like the dog that I am.
(c) Smart mouth him, knowing I have associates in the back seat.
(d) Look mournful and sad, hoping for mercy.



Lansing, Michigan 20th & 21st of June.
Atlanta, DragonCon 27th 28th &29th of June.
Blackpool, England 11th 12th 13th &14th of July
San Jose, CA 29th 30th &31st of August..


Ed loves conventions. And fans seem to really love him. We like to publish reports by people who see him in the real world.


Nancy G. Hefka-Pedersen

What can I say about Ed Wasser? In order to put things in proper perspective, let me backtrack a little bit. His character, Mr. Morden, was the kind of guy you loved to hate. The kind of guy who, upon one's first encounter with him, made you feel a little unclean but for no discernible reason. As time passed, it was easy to despise the guy, but he wasn't without some sympathy. What made him do what he did? Where did he come from? What did HE want? When his head rested atop the pike on Centauri Prime and a smirking Vir waved at his lifeless eyes, jumping for joy didn't seem to be an unreasonable reaction.

Several friends and I had discussed how, after meeting most of the B5 cast at various cons throughout the world, each character had a little bit of his/her actor inside.

That theory went right down the tube the minute I experienced Ed Wasser.

The main reason I so wanted to attend Marcon this year, aside from the fact that it's a great con and always a lot of fun, was to see Ed. He hadn't been in the area before and I was very curious. As a photographer, I am fascinated with the human form, and Ed has one of those faces that begs to be photographed, especially those beautiful, expressive blue eyes. To be honest, I didn't know what to expect. In retrospect, I certainly didn't expect what I got! In fact, the LAST thing I expected from Mr. Morden was for him to do cartwheels in the promenade, recite poetry, hiss like a cat, and chase JMS throughout the venue groveling shamelessly to be cast in another role so he could continue his association with "Babylon 5". Surprised? So was I!!! What I also didn't expect, was a guy so full of love for his fellow beings and respect for all things. Working with Amnesty International as I do, Ed's positive attitude won my heart and loyalty.

I have never met a person so full of energy. When it became obvious that the room in which Ed was to do his first panel was far too small, the Marcon staff furiously tried to find a large enough space to put everyone. Ed graciously ended up in the upstairs promenade outside the dealer room. I think he was very surprised and pleased that so many people wanted to see him. Knowing that there was no sound system, Ed was a real trooper, making sure that everyone could hear him. He interacted with as many people as he could in the audience, and even performed an impromptu skit with a guy costumed, brilliantly I might add, as Ambassador Londo Mollari (and for those of you there - yes!, that was his real hair. He irons it, then gels it.) Ed got into everything everyone said to him. Not only did he answer questions, he asked them right back of his audience.

He played with the children in the audience, reminding the adults that they are our future and to educate and nurture them.

If the above wasn't enough, Ed took it upon himself to hold an impromptu autograph session on Saturday. He wasn't scheduled to sign until Sunday but there were so many people there for just the day that he insisted on signing and posing for photos for as many people as possible, despite the fact that he'd been up and working for over two days' straight. Having attended and photographed sci fi cons for over 10 years, I can tell you that there aren't many people who would do that. If I hadn't already been impressed by Ed, that would have done it.

But the day wasn't over for Mr. Wasser. He agreed to be one of the judges for the costume competition Saturday night, and also drew the winning name for the Leader Dogs' raffle - the prize was an actual piece of Kosh's encounter suit, donated by Jeffrey Willerth.

Sunday started off much calmer. Ed was well rested and looked good. He was in the largest ballroom (JMS' talk would follow Ed's) and the staff had things well prepared.

There was actually a working sound system and, once he was given a bottomless cup of coffee, Ed was off and running. He recited more poetry - different from Saturday - and flirted with a little girl in the audience. He asked how many people were on the Internet and started in mock-horror when almost every hand in the audience was raised.

He asked that everyone subscribe to his newsletter and bombard the editor at noon on Monday. Ed told me a week later that 50 people actually did it, and everyone thought it was great fun.


JMS came on at the end of Ed's talk. It was great seeing them interact. When Ed's turn was over he let JMS have the stage. Someone in the audience asked if Ed would have another role on the show if the fifth season continued or in the prequel or sequel. JMS responded that he'd consider it if Ed groveled enough. All of a sudden there was a roar from the back of the room. Ed came at JMS at a full run, arms flailing in the air, screaming, "PLEASE! PLEASE!" JMS recoiled in terror and took off running. Ed chased him through the ballroom and out into the hall. The place erupted into hysterics. JMS finally came back into the room, ordering Ed to leave. When the same guy asked another question about Ed, JMS responded that Ed was nothing more than a trained chimpanzee. Ed, still in the room, proceeded to jump up and down, shriek and scratch himself like a monkey bringing on a more hysterical laughter from both the audience and Joe.

When he entered the autograph room later in the day, those of us already lined up started a chorus of "Ed! Ed! Ed!" He laughed and pretended to turn the lights out on us and lock us in the room. Then JMS walked in and the chorus chanted "Joe! Joe! Joe!" Joe commented sourly that he couldn't take us anywhere. The chorus then chanted "Jed! Jed! Jed!" and they both cracked up. The last memory I had of Ed that weekend was when he signed a copy of drawing I'd made of Mr. Morden for him. He was touched that someone would do that for him, and he told me he would be pleased to autograph items for Amnesty International fundraising for me.

As I left for home, I reflected on the weekend. Seeing JMS was, as always, great fun, but it was Ed Wasser who made the weekend for me. For those of you reading this who have not yet had the opportunity to see Ed Wasser in person, do so as soon as you possibly can. You will love him. I came to Marcon expecting to meet and photograph a B5 celebrity and left realizing I had made a friend.


You can send your submission to the EWFC Newsletter to But very few people do. Liza Star sent us this, however, which gave us a chuckle:

who's there?
Morden who?
Morden-that, I can't tell ya!


Normally, the mail you send to Ed at is completely private. Occasionally, after checking with the person who sent it to him, he forwards a piece to us for reprint that has moved him or made him laugh. Here is such a piece:

Dear Mr. Wasser,
I was told I could send you a letter at this address, and I wanted to write to say how much I enjoyed hearing you speak at MARCON this past month. I originally decided to attend MARCON in order to finally meet the friends I made on line in a private B5 chat room. Of course if we only talked about B5 we would not be as close as we are, but the program is what initially brought us together. Everyone else was excited to meet you and JMS, but I did not attend the convention with meeting the guests as a focal point. I went to your talk not expecting more than a simple Q&A session as after attending so many cons. It is unfortunate, but true, when I say that a lot of actors do not have too much to say without a script, nor are their talks thought provoking, or anything more than a gossip session about their co-stars. I am still amazed at what I took from your talk with us. You did not talk down to us, you were funny and gentle and respectful. You also quoted some beautiful passages from the books you selected. My absolute favorite part was when you reluctantly talked about your parents. It seemed that it was a hard subject to talk about, but I can tell that you really thought about what you were saying; you showed respect for your parents while pleading your case for understanding with them and with us. I couldn't believe what you were saying about your relationship with them. It sounded so familiar and just hearing that other adult children struggle with issues with their parents about "doing their own thing" made me feel a lot better. I suspect that your honesty helped other people as well. Your love for life clearly shines through in your words and smile. I can't imagine anyone not leaving that auditorium with a more positive attitude towards life. My girlfriends, who were totally gaga over you, wanted to pose for a picture, and I as the most experienced con -goer in the group was coerced into marching right up to you in the hallway and asking if you would pose with us, and you did. And not just once, you did it twice and I thank you very, very much. The picture is beautiful and we all love it. I have copies of it, and it was also put through a scanner for all of our friends to see. What makes it even more special is that with MARCON being the huge event it was, and everyone pulling at you to take pictures and go here and do that, you still made time for those who wanted a picture with you in the hallway. You made each person feel special like there weren't 2999 other people at the convention. By this time I was ever so slightly gaga myself, and after attending many, many cons I will tell you that not all the guests are as nice and easy going as you. I had to leave before the autograph session so I didn't get to say hello to you. A friend got me a trading card which you personalized to me. Thank you so much. It's a treasure.

Please know that you helped make this a special weekend for all of the fans. Your honesty is appreciated and your good nature and humor brings a smile to everyone who meets you. I hope that you did enjoy meeting all of us and I hope that I will see you at another con at some point. My very best to you.

Rebecca M.


First of all I would like to say hello to all of the wonderful people I met at MarCon and DragonCon in the last couple of weeks. You all were so much fun! Thank you for your support.

42 years ago on June 19th my parents were married. I am happy to say that they are preparing for the next 42 years...together! As a tribute to them and what they have meant to me over the years, I would like to share a Journal entry of mine that I never intended for public viewing. I wrote this March 7th 1997. It was my Dad's birthday, and my parents were on their way to visit me at a convention in Phili, PA. I sat down and began to write. I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to say, but it evolved into this wonderful tribute to my parents. With my folks in the audience, I chose to read it out loud to the whole convention. It was my way letting them know how proud I am to be their son, and how grateful I am to have them as my parents. This is what I wrote......

Journal entry: March 7th, 1997
"The years have brought so much knowledge and so much joy. When I look at my journey as a picture, I see a great life that you were able to give me. All the pain, tears and suffering was just my soul growing up and finding its own way. Learning how to walk in the light! I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am that you allowed that process to happen with unyielding love. Not for one minute did you turn your back on my need to be free. Free of all the limitations I put on myself with the others in me. A great listener you have proven to be and what better gift can one give then that. When you listen with a caring ear, you show me God's love. I am truly grateful to know what that love is, and I am so blessed and proud to call you my Parents."

In the end, all we really have is family. I wish everyone of you love, peace and the courageous path to keep your family united. And if your family is in the middle of a crisis or already broken up, I wish you the courage to get past your differences and find the common ground that made you a family to begin with! Love and peace, Ed :>)


First, last issue's contest results: The contest you have all been waiting for: Drum roll_. Top Ten Things to do with Morden's Head.

Now, before we go into the winners, I need to insert a "gross alert". Don't say you weren't warned.


10 - Appoint it Emperor. Given the record of its predecessors, how bad could it be?
9 - Practice ball at Centauri Lanes Bowling Alley
8 - Place In C&C. Attach sign: "The Last Man Who Messed With Ivanova"
7 - Look at it and wave.
6 - Facial expression tutorial aid for second hand car salesmen.
5 - Model for the "Don't lose your head, support Babylon 5's Season Five Renewal" campaign poster.
4 - For a big laugh, put it under your kid's bed and then at bedtime say "Timmy? Shouldn't you check your room for monsters?". Watch the hilarity ensue!
3 - Prop it up in the passenger side of the starfury, so you can drive in carpool lanes.
2 - Bring it with you to your tax audit. Introduce it to the IRS guy as "Bob", the last person who audited you.

And the number one thing to do with Morden's head:

1 - Sell it at the next Babylon 5 convention to a real sick fan.

Congrats to Franco Mantino for his winning contribution. Franco wins an autographed Ed Wasser photograph.

This month's contest, number nine, is:
Another top 10 list. Now that Morden (not Ed) is no longer in the B5 universe, what TV show should he work on, and as what character.

Send your entries (any number from 1 to 10) to Winner wins an autographed pic of Ed.


Contrary to the rumors you may hear, we are not on the lam from the law. You can contact us. To subscribe, email to Conversely, when you have had enough, will do the trick. If you want to contribute anything, we will most likely print it, assuming it pertains to Ed, Morden, Shadows, B5 (i.e. doesn't ramble on about how fond you are of vanilla.). Email to Letters to Ed are also welcome, and they are all read and answered by him. Ed's email is, you guessed it, There is a web page for us at: It is growing, so be patient. Contest submissions are sent to

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