The Ed Wasser Fan Club Newsletter
Volume 3 Number 4
July/August 1997

 Volume III, Issue 5  

 Volume III, Issue 3


First off, I am sending this newsletter out using a new piece of software, so I may have screwed it up. If you get multiple copies, or an entire section of the subscriber list, or anything else out of the ordinary, let me know, please. I will fix it.

The exciting news of the newsletter is the new web site. First off, many, many thanks to Mircalla Mordenheim for single-handedly taking on the task. She did an outstanding job building the structure of the site and getting some of the material on there. It is not finished, in that we have great plans for the future (video, etc), but it sure looks good right now. Mircalla writes in this issue about her dinner with Ed.

So everyone check out the site at the new URL:

Also, we have a different kind of contest this month. If you do not generally read the contest section, we urge you to do so this month.


(Below is the part of an ongoing interview with Ed. It will be
continued in every issue of the EWFCN.)


Well once again Wendy, Janet and Brian of Wolf 359 outdid themselves. I was so impressed with the job they undertook and the success of it! Suzanne and I were treated so well by the security, administrators, and every one else who volunteered to make that event an historical happening. WOW it was great! Of course the fans were great too! With out them we wouldn't be able to have so much fun. As for the trip to Europe as a whole....IT WAS GREAT! Suzanne and I went to Italy for a week. Venice, Florence and Rome...WOW...we had a blast.


The European fans and US fans are very unique. I couldn't begin to state clear differences but I could give you similarities. They all know how to have fun. They all seem to through caution to the wind and let it rip. I really respect and like that. The average party is stuffy compared to these SF conventions. The costumes, the hair, the make-up, the lack of clothing, the dancing, the playfulness. These people really like to have a great time and I have to say that it is infectious. I always enjoy going to the cons just to see so many people have a good time. I have noticed one little difference and that's the way the Brits have these fun planned choreographed dances they do. Everything from The Monster Mash to rowing their chairs across the floor to Hawaii Five 0 (which I might add I participated in), and their lip sync to Queen the group. It was a blast to watch.


There are always a few things I look back on and wish I could do a little differently, but for the most part I'm proud of my portrayal of the Mr. Morden.


Funny you should ask :>) What gave you that idea? I would not have gone so far in the last scene with Morden in his devastation of loosing the Shadows and being alone. I might have tried another approach... Maybe more along the lines of showing that he, Morden, wasn't moved by the destruction. Let's strike a deal mentality... I don't know it's only a thought!


I learned that my reality and the fans reality of who they think I am is very different and I suppose it should be. They know Mr. Morden better than I do, but of course I know myself better than they. And when they shout cheers and praise, ask for autograph signings, appearances and so forth it's an image they see and want to get to know better. And by the way it is an awful lot of fun. And I certainly appreciate it, but lets face it....who I am on the inside is not the guy they love to hate on TV. We are all the same, all equal, and all on our unique little journeys. There are those fans who deal with me as an equal and not as Mr. Morden and it's a refreshing humbling experience, I like it!


Well I kept a couple of copies of my working scripts, I have the burnt hand and head cap they made me wear in "Hour Of The Wolf" and of course my crystal.


No I don't wear it in public anymore, but before it became a part of Mr. Morden I did. I liked it! I'm sure some day I will auction it off for a good cause a long with the other stuff....we shall see.


Things are going well! I just signed with a new Agency and plan to have much more success in getting opportunities for more work. Other than that I'm dealing with day to day excitements and struggles like everyone else. I'm alive and well and doing what I love, how bad could life be. I thank GOD every day for that! :>)


We will be adding to this section every issue to give you more
background about Ed. (Observant readers will notice that our questions
jump all over the map. These are primarily for fun and to try to do
what is hard to do in a newsletter, really let you get a sense of the
little things that makes a person what they are.)

Best thing you did in Italy:
Aside from holding hands with Suzanne or seeing Venice, Florence, and Rome and all of the Basilicas, Michaelangelo and DaVinci's work among others, and the Vatican, not to mention taking in the Roman ruins, I would have to say eating GELATO!

Left handed / Right handed?
Right handed!

Do you believe in ghosts?
I personally haven't experienced any, but I suppose I believe that there are forces some of us are more sensitive to than others. Why not.

Are you registered to vote?
Yes, shouldn't we all be?

Favorite thing to do with Shiloh:
Throw sticks into deep waters and watch here retrieve them. I also love to play Frisbee with her.

Favorite drink on a hot day.
A home made smoothie. :>)



I still remember the time I met Ed. He insisted on taking a friend and I to dinner with him and Suzanne to thank us for the help with the Fan Club webpages. I don't think I could have been more surprised when I received a phone call one evening, around 6 weeks ago, asking if I could get to London that same evening (Thankfully, I didn't live far).

Phil (my housemate) and I arrived at the given directions to find Ed and Suzanne already waiting outside the hotel. I still feel that dashing across a busy London road is something I won't forget for a while. When asked what sort of food we wanted, I said I didn't mind, really, but Ed insisted and we chose the Indian Restaurant that was right in front of us. We talked about anything and everything for hours, their holiday in Italy (I'll never look at Gatorade in the same light again), the Wolf 359 convention in Blackpool, webpages, a little Babylon 5, and even what Phil and I did when we weren't using the net. All throughout the meal Ed insisted on calling us kids (I don't deny it either - I'm 23 going on 12 now) but when Phil's response was to call Ed 'Dad' I have to admit I was surprised. With Ed learning Indian off the waiter and taking about Italians I couldn't stop laughing a lot of the time.

Ed was very kind and we managed to grab some photos together (the waiter helped to get a couple of shots of the 4 of us together) and when he said "What do you want?" without realizing what he'd said Phil almost bolted out of the door. I think I squeaked or almost tried to hide under the table so he repeated the question in his best Morden voice.
When the time came to leave, Ed and Suzanne insisted that we catch a Taxi, although we were going to catch a tube across London (to stay at a friends) as well as Ed asking for the food left over to be put in a bag to feed someone not as fortunate as we were.

Although the dinner was over 6 weeks ago, I still remember it well, and it affected me in the strangest way. Under usual circumstances I don't think I would have found myself walking across Waterloo and surrounding areas with another friend looking for someone homeless at around 2am (we found someone to give the food too - and I felt pretty bouncy after for making someone smile). I remember that it was 6 weeks ago because I've been counting. Not for the reason that I'm counting the dinner, but because I'm counting how long I haven't touched a cigarette for. I guess when Ed mentioned the addictive things they put in them I decided not to touch another.

They were both very friendly and kind and I'll always look back on that night as something I really, really enjoyed and I wish Ed and Suzanne all the best and thanks for a great night out!


The following was sent to, a handy little address to know if you know something that you think the rest of us would also be interested in.

"A British friend of mine, hearing about a certain "Babylon 5" character that I miss, told me that there is a London subway station named Morden. Not entirely believing him, I set off across the WWW looking for proof. Here's what information I could find, and if you don't believe me, you can read all this and more at the London Transport Web site (

Morden Station is the main depot on the Northern Line (the black one on Underground maps, appropriately enough). Designed by Charles Holden, who designed many other stations and the Underground headquarters, it was built in 1926 as part of an extension from Clapham Common.

Morden is the southernmost station in the Underground (yes, I did say it's on the Northern Line), 16 km (10 miles) from central London. The tunnel between it and East Finchley, 27.8 km (17.3 mi) long, was until recently the longest railway tunnel in the world. Morden Station was one of the first in the Underground to be outfitted with modern ticket gates, and it is one of 10 Northern Line stations included in a refurbishing project that is expected to be completed by 1998."

Petrea Mitchell


I am sorry this issue is so late. It is entirely my fault, but for good reason. I just completed a guest star appearance on the "Mike Hammer --- Private Eye" show. I just couldn't get to the questions and the Ed's Corner section, I had to wait until we were done shooting. sorry! Of course I played a real nice guy on the show. I'm a lawyer who kills two people, frames my client for it and then takes a bullet in the chest which leaves me floating dead in a pool with my eyes open. My thought least this time I don't lose my head. That's a step in the right direction, don't you think? :>) It should air sometime around Oct. 20th., the name of the episode is "False Truths".

Mean while the Tracy Torme` project is still in the works, we should know more in the next two or three weeks. It should be a lot of fun! Those of you who don't know, I'm speaking of the 1/2 hour comedy pilot for MTV called "Kung Pow".

I have been reading a book that was given to me as a gift from two very special B5 fans, Jackie and Chris Halliday. The book is "Ramtha" with edited transcriptions of magnetic tape recordings authored by J.Z. Knight. There are so many wonderful passages in this book that ring true to life, and the inspiration that it triggers for ones journey is outstanding. I invite you all to read it, even if it's just little sections at a time. I want to share with you a small section that I found to be invaluable.

RAMTHA...."The less you think of yourself, the less you will become. The less you give credit to yourself for having intelligence, the more of an imbecile you become. The less beautiful you think you are, the more ugly you become. The more impoverished you think you are, the more wretched you become---Because YOU have ordained it to be so. Contemplate how great the love of GOD is that it allows you to be and to create for yourself ANYTHING you wish, yet never judges you. Contemplate the love that it has for you such that it manifests for you every thought you embrace and every word you utter. Contemplate it. Each of you has the freedom of will to accept and embrace whatever thoughts you choose; and with that awesome power, you have created everything for yourself. Your every thought creates the destiny that lies before you. Your every feeling creates your path called life. Whatever you think and then feel, so will it be in your life, for the Father says, "Every emotion, so be it." Who are you? You are GOD who possesses within the silence of your being, the ability to think, the ability to create, and the ability to become whatever you want to become, for you are precisely what you chose to be, and none has stayed your hand in becoming it. You are the lawgiver, the supreme creator of your life and life circumstances."

There is so much to share from this book, but of course you will enjoy it more if you read it yourself. I have to close out for now and say goodbye, but before I do I would like to thank all of you for your support. I have enjoyed all of the letters I've been receiving from you. You guys have been great. Thank you!


First, last issue's contest results:
Another top 10 list. Now that Morden (not Ed) is no longer in the B5 universe, what TV show should he work on, and as what character.

10. TV Weatherman [Had to put that one in - it was on five people's list. Strange]
9. ST Voyager: Q's evil brother.
8. >Deep Space Nine: THE founder
7. ANY game show: HOST
6. The White House Press Briefer: "What the President MEANT to say...."
5. >X-Files: The Truth!
4. Barney the Dinosaur's new pal, Mister Darkness
3. Ed Straker on the British series "UFO". (Okay, this is a subtle one. On "UFO", Straker was the commander of SHADO.)
2. Neil Gaiman's "Sandman," playing the lead (no smiling, though)

And the number one TV show for Morden to star in:
1. The Simpsons as Homer's *OTHER* neighbor: "A donut? All you want is a DONUT?!?!"

A tip of the ole hat to Marty Tabnik with his winning entry. Marty scores a personally autographed Ed Wasser picture.


Contest # 10:

All right, time for a little soul-bearing. I know there are those of you out there who think that the life of a fan club newsletter editor is a wild, carefree event full of parties, trips on the Concord, champagne, and so forth. To a large degree, ironically, it is.

However, after the parties are over and the champagne is exhausted, there comes the time to actually sit down and crank one of these puppies out. And it is harder than you might think. I know there are probably those of you who would assert that a trained chimpanzee could do this job. But you are wrong. A recent Stanford study showed the newsletter put out by the chimpanzee, while it had better spelling, was generally not as interesting as ours.

So where is this long diatribe going? To sum up, this month's contest is a little different. I want you to think about how we can make the EWFC better and this newsletter better. Now, I know we are not curing cancer or anything here, but we want to please our loyal readers. The disloyal ones can of course take a hike. What parts of the newsletter do you like? Are any parts getting stale? What - use your imagination - could be do that would be fun and interesting? Do you want more emphasis on B5? More editorial? (Yeah, right...) Charitable events? Pictures? Drop the newsletter and go to just a web site? Distribute in HTML? What? Be honest (not brutal, mind you, we have feelings.)

And because this is a special contest, it will have a special prize. Winner will get a "Thank you for making my fan club better" phone call from da man himself, Ed Wasser.

Send your entries to


Contrary to the rumors you may hear, we are not on the lam from the law. You can contact us. To subscribe, email to Conversely, when you have had enough, will do the trick. If you want to contribute anything, we will most likely print it, assuming it pertains to Ed, Morden, Shadows, B5 (i.e. doesn't ramble on about the "incredible, edible, egg".). Email to Letters to Ed are also welcome, and they are all read and answered by him. Ed's email is, you guessed it, There is a web page for us at: Contest submissions are sent to

 Volume III, Issue 5  

 Volume III, Issue 3